19 February 2010

And Now, a Brief Moment of Silly Puffery

(Portrait of an Artiste as a Cancer Patient)

My posts have been oh-so-heavy, haven't they? So, I thought I'd indulge in a moment of silliness. I found this little drawing while I was reading my journals from last year. It was a poor attempt to occupy my time (distract my panicked brain, actually) while I was waiting to be wheeled to the next test. The other choice for distraction was reading the latest issue of "OK Magazine" that my daughter had left behind that day. But, for some reason, the prospect of reading "whose whomin' who" in Prada and Jimmy Choo's was giving me a serious case of nausea.

So, with a suddenly sense of "inspiration" (or was it delusion?) I decided to draw instead. Quickly, I arranged my glasses, watch and medicine cup on to the tray in front of me, et voila!

Now I can strike "take painting lessons" from my bucket list. :-)

Happy Friday!

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