04 February 2010

Caveats aka "The Fine Print"

Hi. First, let's get some things out in the open. Dry, I know. But, at least it's not in "fine print." I'm just trying to manage expectations. This is about as stuffy and rigid as I'll get. I promise. Here goes:
  • I'm not a cancer expert
  • I'm here only to relay my cancer experience
  • This is not a cancer resource blog
  • Although resources I've found useful will be linked from time to time
  • This is not sanctioned by any cancer organization or group. I'm on my own
  • Therefore, my opinions and conclusions are my own
  • If I say anything to offend your religious beliefs, I apologize. It does not come from a place of malice. I respect all faiths. But I will say what needs to be said.
  • I'm aware that there are many who have preceded me in this endeavor. My respect to them.
  • Therefore, I don't claim that what I say here is the end-all/be-all of how to live with cancer. I'm just sharing mine
  • This is my virgin voyage to the blogosphere, so please allow me my rookie mistakes
  • Lastly...this is from the heart

For an an intensely private person, this jump into the blogsphere was a scary, painful and daunting decision to make. Thanks to the very strong support and encouragement of loved ones, I am here. Because, in the end, what prevailed was my nagging desire to help (and connect with) others who may be similarly situated. I do believe that there is a reason for everything. Otherwise, I'd go insane. Perhaps this is the reason. We'll find out. This will be a learning experience for me as well. Hopefully, you'll find something helpful here too -- whatever it is.

With no apologies, I will protect the identities of those who are in my life, going through this journey with me. They will only be referred to by "initials and veiled references." But fret not. I believe that the story can be told without such details.

So......grab your towel and let's go....


.......and don't panic.... ;-)


Karen said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! Like you, I am a cancer survivor. Here's hoping that your blog will ultimately lead to many more friendships, helpful insights, and a great mix of good advice from others! :)

Feel free to visit my blog at www.BreastCancerAndFaith .com

ce_squared said...

Thank you, Karen for being my first visitor. :-) I'm looking forward to what possibilities this brings. And thanks for sharing your blog.

be well,

WhiteStone said...

Welcome! My blog began long before my cancer diagnosis (one year ago January). Sometimes I mention my journey. Sometimes I just post what's on my mind that day. Looking forward to reading your blog.

ce_squared said...

Thank you, White Stone. I look forward to reading your blog as well.

be well,

l'optimiste said...

yay! hello! another survivor. always good. and hello whitestone ;o)

don't worry about blogging - you are in good hands

l'optimiste said...

oh - I forgot to ask - what kind of cancer do you have? either you don't say, or I have missed it? I blame chemo brain totally ;o)

ce_squared said...

it shall all come to light soon, dear l'optimiste. :-)

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