17 February 2010

A Mere Drop In the Bucket

I will never forget Robin Beaton's testimony before Congress wherein she tearfully detailed her insurance company's denial of coverage for an already approved life-saving double-mastectomy. Apparently, she had "not disclosed" a "pre-existing condition." The "pre-existing condition" in question? -- some form of acne on her nose that her dermatologist treated years before. And for that, the insurance company decided not to cover her surgery at the 11th hour. Wow! Who does that? How evil can one be? Denying someone's life because of an acne condition? Really????

How are insurance companies able to get away with crimes like this? And they have been doing this for years! Ms. Beaton, is just one of the many who have been victimized by the insurance companies. There's more here. But this is just a small listing of health insurance company atrocities. It is a mere drop in the bucket of their violations against their insureds. Health insurance companies are more concerned with playing to the whims of Wall Street to profit their stockholders, than fulfilling their obligations to their insureds -- the people who pay their bills. These companies wield their power over those in dire need because of technicalities. They're about profit, not insurance! Meantime, those in need are not protected and are left to the mercy of these people. They need to be regulated.

For obvious reasons, Healthcare Reform is something I'm passionate about -- more so now than ever. It is not just because I now have a pre-existing condition. It is essentially because it is only fair. We pay for so many other things with our taxes. Why not healthcare? And why should anyone be at a disadvantage because they're sick or poor? If we can pay for war, we certainly can pay for healthcare.

Yes. The President's Health [Insurance] Reform Bill is not perfect. And for those of us who hoped for public option during the President's campaign, this is particularly disppointing. BUT, but, but, but, but, it's a start! Folks, we will never get anywhere unless we take the first step. For decades, we have debated this issue and that's how far we've gotten -- debate! Meantime, health insurrance companies are allowed to get away with denying coverage for people like Robin Beaton and continue to walk all over the carnage of their "insureds." Nevermind the millions upon millions of Americans who are flat out denied insurance for various and sundry reasons.

The President's Bill is a step in the right direction. It's a small step. But, let's not ruin this "small step" by insisting on something perfect. Otherwise, we will circle back to where we were: debate! Debate does not protect people like Robin or get rid of the very long lines at "free clinic" days in hundreds of towns in middle America. Stop the debate and pass the law to protect against the insurance companies. Please contact your representatives and urge them to pass the bill.

"Don't let the perfect get in the way of the good." -- Ted Kennedy


l'optimiste said...

oh dear...never get me started on insurance companies...long story, but I HATE them...hmm. a bomb or two wouldn't go amiss?? ;o)

ce_squared said...

they're absolutely necessary evils. i don't know why this country (US) can't get its act together to regulate them.

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